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Marjaneh Peyrovan

Marjaneh Peyrovan is an experienced Marketing Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the fashion, beauty, health/wellness, and fitness industries with brands like Drybar, Barneys, SoulCycle, and CycleBar.


Marjaneh holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Journalism and had initially planned to become the first woman President from the age of 6 until 17 (no joke). However, once it was time to apply for colleges, she quickly realized a life in Politics wasn't for her - so she turned to her following passion, writing, and wanted to be the next Barbara Walters. Even though life took her down a different route with her dual degree and connections, Journalism was never far off her mind.

In early 2020, amid COVID, she wanted to find some solace and break the daily stress from her corporate day job - so Shirin Conversations was born. The inspiration comes from the show's namesake and Marjaneh's Grandmother, Shirin (or as she's known Maman Shirin), as a love letter to what a strong, independent woman she was. 

While conceptualizing this podcast, Marjaneh noticed a vacancy in the social/digital space to include women in the collective conversation on Iran's people. Also,  if you aren't familiar, Shirin means "sweet" in Farsi. So the intention is to have casual, sweet conversations with strong Iranian women in all industries through accessible platforms.


Shirin Conversation's mission is two-fold: spotlight trials and triumphs of Iranian women and empower the next generation that no dream is impossible.

kheili khosh amadi (I am happy that you came)

Creator and Host

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